Rich Chicken Noodle Soup

NYC weather was taking a toll and I really needed some warmth and comfort. Chicken noodle soup would fit the bill. Only I didn’t want dry white meat chicken, I wanted rich, moist, flavorful, dark meat. I bought Perdue chicken legs and thighs. (I really wanted Murray’s but the price difference was great; I’ll have to stock up when Murray’s is on sale.)

I washed and seasoned the chicken pieces with a garlic and rosemary rub. Here they are looking beautiful!

There’s something about washing and drying fresh cuts of meat then rubbing an aromatic blend of spices all over and in between the pieces! Oh my goodness!

Here are the tasty veggies I added: onions, peppers, garlic, and more rosemary.

This is the completed product. Very rich and flavorful soup which was very satisfying!


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