Strawberry & Cream Cake

Here it is! There it goes!! This cake did not stay around long! These are favorite flavors of my favorite people. I made this cake for my son and his daughter. And I had a couple slices myself. Pretty good!

I used Warren Brown’s Yellow Butter Cake recipe and whipped two, 8oz containers of organic cream. The cream really surprised me. I never whipped fresh cream before and didn’t believe that with a little spinning of my mixer that it would turn into something so wonderful!

I need to perfect my strawberry filling. It was suggested that I cook the strawberries when I just added sugar and water and mashed the mixture. The flavor was great but the texture needed work. I better look into this.

I also have to continue my search for a simple but flavorful yellow cake recipe since giving Mr. Brown’s recipe a second try didn’t make the cake any less dry. Although he suggests potato starch for most of his cake recipes, which I think is the ingredient causing the dryness, I do intend to try two more of his cake recipes: the Lemon Ginger, and Vanilla Pound cakes. Those are coming soon.


One Comment on “Strawberry & Cream Cake”

  1. Aggie says:

    what a beautiful cake! I am in strawberry heaven right now, made little strawberry shortcakes for the family tonight (store bought mini cakes 🙂 ). It’s too bad the cake turns out dry…I don’t bake often but I have made Barefoot Contessa’s Lemon Pound Cake a couple of times and it was moist and delish, I bet pairing it up with strawberries would be great.

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog today. I can totally relate to your feelings. Blogging about food has kinda saved me over the years. It’s brought me back to life as myself (not just a mom, wife etc). I am more myself in the food blog world and I love it!! You have some great recipes on here! Keep up the great work and have fun! I’ll be back to visit!

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