Does Anyone Make Coffee At Home Anymore?

Look how good this is…
I made this coffee using the Bodum Frothing device, a Farberware coffee pot, skim milk, and, oh yes, Chock Full of Nuts ground coffee.

I remember when people stayed in for coffee although I’m sure I’m one of the very few.
In my neighborhood, there are actual lines out the door at some coffee shops. Every where I go I see people walking around holding a cup of coffee like it’s part of their outfit.

I look forward to making my coffee on weekend mornings. I’m up early on these days to embrace the few moments of quiet in the city and then I start my pot to percolate.

And I do love a good cup of coffee, hell, I’ll drink a bad cup if I have no choice but search as I might, I have yet to find the perfect cup of coffee. And there is no shortage of coffee shops and cafes in NYC.

When I visited the markets in Montreal, I did have a latte worth writing about. I have not had another that comes close.


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