Looking For A Way To Assist Japan?

I’d been meaning to stop by to see my neighbor who is Japanese-American, to find out if she has family in Japan and if so, how they were managing. So while picking up our mail we met and chatted. I was very relieved to hear that her family, although not close relatives, were all doing okay.

As we proceeded onto the elevator, along with a few of our co-neighbors, I mentioned to her that the food blogging community was having this auction. A fellow rider asked, what are they auctioning (I guess it wasn’t obvious)? When I answered, food, there was a combined, “Oh, how nice!”

This signaled an interest so I thought I’d add this post to let others know about this wonderful way to help out in Japan. I also intend to print out the page to hang on the building’s bulletin board.

I applaud the creative thinkers who encourage us to use our resources to enrich our lives as well as the lives of others. I am very proud to be a part of the food-blogging community!

To learn more about the food auction and how to participate, please click on the picture above to take you to The Tomato Tart.


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