Potent Polenta

...With Pecorino Romano & Garlic

Polenta, what is it? I had no idea all I knew was that the finished photo in Ina Garten’s book, Barefoot Contessa How Easy Is That?, looked just like what I felt like eating.

I went around looking for polenta in the grocery stores and asked a few shoppers and store staff if they knew what it was. I always thought polenta was a grain that you can buy raw then you add your ingredients to it. While others, including Ina Garten, use another product, cornmeal to produce polenta. Better go online for some answers.

So, polenta is ground corn meal mixed with water, it is the product of cornmeal + water. It is bland and can be mixed with many types of spices and ingredients.

Ina Garten uses parmesan cheese in her recipe but I never achieved a following for parmesan so I subbed in pecorino romano. The taste was potent and pleasant however the texture was a little unexpected. I thought it would have a more grainy texture but it really is creamy. It reminded me of cream of wheat which I’ve only had sweetened.

I made a roast chicken and a light salad to go with it to even out the flavors. How nice it is to discover new foods!


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