No Salmon, Salmon Cakes with Tuna

Okay, so I set out to make salmon cakes, which I’ve made so many times before but I had no canned salmon in the cupboard. I had assembled all the ingredients I was thinking about: onion, garlic, chipotle pepper flakes, jalapeno, lemon, and fish sauce and sautéed them in canola.

The dish was coming together but when I went to grab the salmon, I couldn’t find any. I did find many cans of tuna, and since I have had canned salmon salad which I make pretty much the same way that I make tuna salad, I used tuna.

The cakes were a fast, flavorful Friday dish! I’m sure if I didn’t know I used tuna I would not have noticed a difference.

The thing about ready-to-eat canned fish is that not much flavoring is used in their cooking before canning so the seasoning you add really makes the dish. Of course fresh fish is handled very differently.

My all-time favorite fish both canned and fresh are tuna and salmon. I’d eaten canned tuna for years before I tried fresh tuna. Wow, what a difference in flavor and texture the fresh tuna is!! Due to its high price, I haven’t had fresh tuna in a long time.

Tuna Cakes with Wasabi “Sauce”


2 Comments on “No Salmon, Salmon Cakes with Tuna”

  1. betty Pham says:

    oh these look so good :O)

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