Baked Bread

Uh oh, here comes trouble… Donna has learned how to bake bread.

I’m a bread lover from way back and eating bread has gotten me into big weight trouble. I recently made the connection while on a low-carb, high protein food plan, that if you don’t use those carbs soon after ingesting them they will end up on your hips, thighs, stomach, … and what I mean by “use” is running 5-10 miles (I’d have to run 10+).

I recently took off 11 pounds by reducing my bread and wine intake so why am I learning to bake bread? Well, it’s something I’ve always wanted to learn to do, I always thought it was a challenge beyond my skills, and I wanted to attempt to tackle my somewhat trepidatious relationship with bread.

I’ve discovered that it’s very easy to bake bread, actually, easier than making a cake. I can now check off another one of my cooking challenges which I will continue to improve upon. As for my relationship with bread, that will need more work. For now, bread baking will remain an occasional activity.

I successfully created this luscious loaf of bread using a recipe from, Swedish Cakes and Cookies.

Well, it was my second try since the dough didn’t rise at all the first time out. It seems that I killed the yeast with too-hot liquid. The process called learning…

Mmmmm, look at that butter melt…


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