Waste Not…

I’ve always been a smart shopper. I search around for coupons, check the Internet for deals, and when I visit a new store, I educate myself on how to shop there. I sign up for the store’s loyalty programs, collect their sales flyer and talk to other shoppers while standing in line. I don’t like waste and I can’t afford to pay for something more than once.

Since the economy has been in this depressed state, I’ve become even more aware of prices and bargain hunting. I routinely gather the neighborhood stores’ weekly circulars and spend some time going through each with a Sharpie circling everything I need and also comparing prices.

When I read the section in Ina Garten’s book (Barefoot Contessa, How Easy Is That?) on how to make chicken stock, she instructs readers to boil two whole chickens and vegetables then pour the stock through a strainer or sieve and “discard the remaining items”.

I wonder, am I being too thrifty in thinking that this is wasteful? Is this what most cooks do?

I have found that I can use the chicken pieces I have left over from stock to make a chicken pate, or use it in a stuffing, or make a chicken salad. The chicken is cooked until it is very tender and soft giving it just the right consistency for these dishes.

Chicken Pate [Salad] (from chicken used to make stock)

I made this salad with sour cream, mayo, and Gold’s Wasabi Sauce. I added diced tomatoes and chopped scallions. Very good on its own, on a cracker, or in a sandwich.

If you really can’t use the cooked chicken, perhaps your animal friends could.


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