My Birthday Cake (May 23rd)

Happy birthday to me…
Part of having baking skills is the luxury of creating your very own, custom birthday cake.

I remember one year I craved a particular flavored cake (probably strawberry and cream, what I’m always craving) and I could not think of a single bakery that either made this flavor cake, made it well, or, that was located within twenty blocks from me. So I gave up, and went to the grocery store, bought the basic ingredients, and made my very own birthday cake! How convenient. And how fresh! I had total control over what went in and I knew exactly when it went in!

Since spotting the Lemon Ginger Pound Cake in Cake Love by Warren Brown, I knew I would make this, somewhat complicated recipe, for a future special occasion.

I looked at the recipe every now and then to familiarize myself with it and it became a little less challenging each time I read it (I wonder, do others do this?). I decided that it was worth the effort, for a special occasion, sure.

When I actually made the cake (I adapted the recipe eliminating the alcohol, the egg yolk, substituting 1 stick of butter for the cocoa butter, and added lemon glaze and whipped cream to each layer), I discovered the recipe was just like all other cake recipes which followed the traditional creaming of the butter and the sugar, combining all dry and wet ingredients separately before alternating their addition into the creamed butter and sugar.

Some of the ingredients for this recipe I had never used in cooking or baking such as, the crystallized ginger and coconut milk. But they were pretty easy to find. Whole Foods sells the ginger in bulk and coconut milk is sold pretty much everywhere.

This cake was deliciously rich and moist.

The combination of the ginger/lemon and coconut/whipped cream, resulted in a tangy, smooth, creaminess not easily forgotten!

Lemon Ginger Layered Pound Cake with Lemon Glaze and Whipped Cream

Creaming: 2 sticks butter, 14 oz sugar, 3 oz powdered sugar, 3 oz crystalized ginger, 3 T lemon zest, 4 eggs
Dry: 12 oz flour, 1 1/2 T potato starch, 1/2 t salt, 1 t baking powder
Wet: 1 C coconut milk, 1/4 C cream, 2 lemons segmented, 2 T lemon juice, 1 T vanilla
Bake: 350 degrees, about 30 minutes

Cream butter, sugar, ginger, and zest until smooth. Add dry ingredients alternating with the wet, careful not to overmix and overwork the gluten in the flour which dries the cake.
Add batter to prepared pans and bake.
Let cool and remove from pans. Slice layers with cake slicer in one hand while gently holding down the top of the cake as you move the slicer through.
Spoon some lemon glaze on each layer, then some prepared whipped cream. Use a stencil (if you like, I like and I’ll have to make some or visit Michael’s for some) and sprinkle top layer of cake with powdered sugar.

The process…

Whipping the cream…

Lemons, yum…

Using the cake slicer, not easy, takes practice…

Ta da!!!

De licious ness!!!


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