Shrimp Chowder

I was cleaning out my refrigerator determined not to spend any more money on any more groceries until I cooked whatever I had remaining in there.

I was really in the mood for soup and was thinking of miso with tofu and spinach but I finished the tofu the previous day and I had no spinach.

Scanning the freezer I came across some chicken stock and shrimp. Hmmm, what might I make with these? Then I thought of clam chowder with shrimps. I made clam chowder with scallops, so why not with shrimp?
Whenever I make or eat clam chowder I find myself wanting either more clams or a meatier piece of meat or fish. And I’m sorry, but a potato will never substitute (I use very few, if any, potatoes in my clam chowder).

I just bought bacon to cook for breakfast and I always keep onion and garlic in the house. I had clam juice and carrots. What I didn’t have was fresh spinach which I really like in my soups, so I went and got that.

I cut the bacon into small pieces and cooked it slowly to render the fat. I removed it from the pot then added the chopped onion, garlic and other spices. When those softened, I added the chicken stock, clam juice and carrots and simmered those ingredients. When the carrots were fully cooked, I turned off the heat and added the shrimp, spinach and about ¼ cup of half and half. (These final ingredients are sensitive to heat and lose flavor and/or texture when over-cooked.)

This has to be the best soup I ever made! A robust soup, hearty enough to be called a chowder!


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