Spicy Hummus

Here it is with refreshing butter lettuce and kirbys. That’s all I need for a snack or light lunch!

Spicy Hummus

Hummus is delicious and I could not believe, very simple to make! It’s the perfect dish for me because I can completely customize the flavor with very little effort. That’s what I’m all about – intense flavor made simply!

I found a recipe in my vegetarian cookbook for falafel and it calls for dry chick peas that are soaked which I did not use when I made my first attempt. When I fried the completed mixture, it just fell apart in the pan. It must have been the moisture from the canned peas I used. But I tasted a little of the mixture and discovered it was delicious as it was. That’s how I discovered this recipe.

Spices and aromatics used: fresh ginger, onion, garlic, cumin powder, green chillies (or another heat, I used chipotle pepper flakes because I didn’t have the chillies but I prefer the chillies), and cilantro.

All of these are sautéed in canola oil until soft.

Then I add the chick peas and the spice sauté to the food processor.


I suppose you can add more oil as the ingredients process for a smoother texture, but the texture for me was fine since the flavor was so intense, I left well enough alone.


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