Perfect Jasmine

Jasmine Rice with Shredded Chicken and Peas

I just recently discovered Jasmine rice and I’m happy I did.

This fragrant rice is always perfect, no matter what mistakes I may make – adding too much water or not enough, for instance. Rice was one of the last dishes I learned to make well. It took so many tries.

I grew up eating rice and beans, “arroz con pollo”, rice with… So naturally, I added these dishes to my cooking repertoire but my rice was often mushy and sometimes not flavorful enough.

My Mom always used Carolina, long grain so that’s what I used. Since discovering Jasmine rice, although I eat fewer rice dishes than I used to, I find it much easier to be successful with seasoned rice dishes.

Here I made Jasmine rice with sweet green peas and shredded chicken. I added the following vegetables and aromatics: onion, garlic, sage, thyme, rosemary, and parsley. I also added a small amount of lemon juice to the rice. That, I can’t seem to notice but I will try adding some lemon zest next time to give it a little edge!

I cooked the chicken, rice, and aromatics separately then I mixed all three cooked ingredients together and added frozen peas and immediately turned off the heat. The chicken was left from stock I made the day before using all dark meat. And this chicken was super moist and soft and easy to work with. I simply removed pieces from the bone then shredded by hand.

Since dark meat is naturally juicy, adding any oils or dressings would only add layers of heaviness which didn’t seem appetizing at all so I didn’t use the chicken for a salad. The chicken with the seasoned rice and the sweet green peas were perfectly balanced in terms of flavor and texture.


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