Golden Baby Sweet Rolls

Sweet Rolls

Mixing flour, eggs, butter and yeast produces such a beautiful thing! Fresh baked bread is not only delicious but simply adorable. The little curves and crevices of the warm outside and the pretty color. The greatest artists’ couldn’t reproduce the amazing colors that result after baking.

Okay, yeast breads can be a pain to make because of all the waiting. Since I just started baking bread, I really can’t complain because I still do it for the process and am amazed at the results! I really get into it. I enjoy caressing the dough once it’s no longer sticky. I love stretching it and folding it and pounding it, just knowing what it will become. This time around, I let the dough rise long enough so that it really did double in size!

Oh, happy day!

I created the rolls using a perfectly sized biscuit cutter, not too big not too small.

Just look at these beautiful babies!

Look at the whipped butter melt across the warm, soft inner surface of the bread…

Oh, it’s getting me HOT and buttery!

Wow! Baking cannot get any better than this!


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