Soup, Yet Again: Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Soup

Did I mention that I love soup?

I love soup. Pretty much any kind or any flavor soup. And just about any food on earth can be turned into a soup. You just need to know the basics.

Some of the basics: use good chicken, beef, vegetable, or fish stock depending on what type of soup you make. Use proportionate ingredients, meaning, use enough onion and garlic (or whatever your spice favorites are) to flavor a stock pot of soup or it will taste watery and bland.

When a soup calls for a creamy thickness, make a small rue with a tablespoon of butter/oil and flour so it doesn’t “add” flavor. And make sure your aromatics and spices cook well to permeate and become incorporated with your stock, meats, and vegetables.
That’s pretty much it.

Soup is not fattening, it fills you up, can be extremely flavorful and healthy!

The Sweetest of the Sweet Potato

Here are the sweets, ready to be transformed…

So make some soup today, even if it is on the cusp of summer.


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