Summer, My Favorite Time Of Year and For Good Reason!

Something exciting has happened to me! To me!

I and my blog, NothingChocolate, are being featured in an online inspirational magazine!

I was recently approached by an acquaintance who noticed my weight loss. And I, being the relentless truth-telling woman that I am revealed to her that my food blog is helping me to re-focus my relationship with food. That’s when she asked if she could interview me for a piece she was thinking about in her magazine. And it took off from there.

I’m featured with six summer-time, family-friendly, easy dishes that I created especially for the magazine.

Click the logo below to read the article and view the appetizing photos.

Please send responses my way because I love to hear comments, critiques, balks, praise, hellos, good-byes, whatever…


One Comment on “Summer, My Favorite Time Of Year and For Good Reason!”

  1. Pam Cook says:

    Excellent article and the food looked good! I am not a fan of summer but donna’s excitement about summer kind of inspired me! I hope the mac n cheese and salmon salad was as good as they looked!

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