Okay To Add Cheese: Lentil Burgers

Oh, the nuttiness of this legume!

I added a great deal of spice to enhance the nutty flavor of the lentil.

I sautéed onion, ginger, a jabanero pepper, garlic, cilantro, ground cumin, all in canola oil.
I softened the lentils by letting them sit in boiled water for about an hour then drained and roughly processed them. The processed lentils get combined with the sautéed vegetables (I processed this mixture but you really don’t have to), 1 egg, and about ¼ cup of plain bread crumbs.

Refrigerate the mixture for about an hour then form into patties.

Pan fry the patties in about a tablespoon of olive oil. Serve with a sauce of your choice. Some suggestions: wasabi, ranch dressing, mustard, or make a yogurt dressing with garlic, mint, and chili powder, with or without a bun.

Also, adding alfalpha sprouts adds a refreshing crunch to the burger.

And since they are burgers, it’s okay to add cheese.
Some cheese suggestions: cream cheese, brie, cheddar. I’m going to try the cream cheese. (Remember, a little goes a long way…)


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