Paella, what is it?

This has been a recent request from a few people. I’ve never made paella and I don’t remember ever eating it before. Rice dishes, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts are a challenge to perfect.
However, I’ve made arroz con pollo (basic chicken and rice) often enough and I see a lot of similarities especially with the flavors and aromatics. I’m ready and willing to attempt this new dish and expand my repertoire!

I’m appealing to you all out there to help me with the following:
-locate and share an easy-to-follow, paella recipe that includes plenty of “spice” and
-point me to some of your favorite restaurants that specialize in paella

Also, any other info you can send regarding the “history” of paella to enlighten is welcomed.

Until then, I’ll work on facing my fear of cooking with rice…
-Donna at NothingChocolate


2 Comments on “Paella, what is it?”

  1. bob515t says:

    In my humble opinion,
    Arroz con pollo is the basic foundation for paella.

    From my perspective, adding scallops, chorizo, and shrimp completes the process,
    especially when it’s served with black beans.

    Some people add lobster and mussels which can be nice ;
    however in my opinion, these are not necessary.

    Iterested in hearing the opinions of other paella lovers in this regard.
    Am I being too simplistic ? Please advise.

    • Donna at NothingChocolate says:

      Thanks for your comment, Bob! That is exactly what I plan to add. I didn’t think of making beans but It sounds like a great idea. Rice alone is not good! I’m sure you’ll like!

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