Veggie-Loaded Wrap

It was sooooo loaded, I couldn’t wrap it!

Italian peppers are really tasty and they are inexpensive (these were $.99 a pound!!!).

Actually I’m not sure why red, orange, and yellow peppers are so much more costly than the dark green bell peppers. Is it the color? Sounds a bit discriminatory to me. The flavor they add to food isn’t that different, not to my palate. Well, I love peppers and spice (you’re probably sick of my stating this fact, but I do)!

I washed and sliced up a bunch of the light green Italian peppers and sautéed them in a small amount of light canola oil with onions (of course!). That’s pretty much it for the flavor part.

Now, attempting to eat healthier at every turn I add fresh vegetables. They’re good for your system (like a broom and a mop in your stomach). They also have wonderful texture, crunch from the lettuce and fresh spinach and creaminess from the avocado. Here’s all I added to one wrap:

Oh, I also added about ½ teaspoon of mayo right on the wrap and some sour cream for even more flavor.

So, what’s stopping ya? Load it up, why don’t you!


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