What’s Up With Lemons?

Their price, that’s what’s up!

Why are lemons so pricey??? I just paid $1.19 for two, just two lemons!

I keep lemons around for numerous reasons. They give me ideas and inspire me to cook and bake. Their bright clean color is so vibrant, perky and refreshing! They’re just so darn pretty!

It’s really bugging me – the price of something that I would normally buy without thinking about has become a luxury that I now have to budget for! What’s next, the incredible, edible egg? Well, yes. Since I eat eggs often and bake regularly, I buy the freshest and least anti-biotic filled eggs. And they are expensive.

Back to the lemon. I’m sure the usual reasons are to blame, poor weather and ruined crops, high demand (summer lemonade), and the highly-sensitive-to-frost nature of the lemon. But I just read that the 2010-2011 US lemon farm crop was up 10% from the previous year. Who’s taking control over the lemons? Who’s the lemon hog?

I’m certainly looking forward to having lemons around again, that time is nearing since the end of summer has come and gone.

There’s another reason to have lemons around, summer reminiscing…

Been making these lemon cookies… Tangy goodness!


3 Comments on “What’s Up With Lemons?”

  1. shinky!!! says:

    well donna down here it doesn’t cost that much for two lemons.Oh yea and that cream cheese pound cake also goes good with just a little drop of plain greek yogurt on top of it!!!!

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