Chocolate Cake Tweak

Baked the second rendition of my first chocolate layer cake and it was pretty perfect!

There it sat on the hostess table tempting and awaiting to be tried. I finally sliced it up and handed it out watching for recordable reactions. Actually my own reaction, which was pride, stunned me! I admitted it, this cake was really good!

Here are some of the comments.
“Buttery but light.” “Good!” “I taste the espresso…” “Not too sweet.” “Should be on store shelves…”

The tweaks: added a cup of fresh whipped cream to the frosting which “creamed it up”! Also, I adapted a new cake recipe (Wilton Butter Cake).


2 Comments on “Chocolate Cake Tweak”

  1. shinky!! says:

    Hi,Donna Just u know commenting on your blog.Hopefully a real chocolate lover swings your way….Even though it’s really odd to see you actually make something thats chocolate,Since you know your buissness name is nothing chocolate.

    • Hi Shinky,
      You’re right but I recently posted a “disclaimer” regarding my taste for chocolate and that I like it with other flavors like nuts and raisins… And, since so many people like chocolate, I thought I would get with the program. The cake was really good! Thanks for commenting!!!

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