Fairway and the Minis

Mini Cheesecakes

While meandering through the abbreviated Farmer’s Market that makes its weekly appearance in my neighborhood (about one-quarter the size of the Union Square market), I stopped to taste the fruit preserves a country-fied looking man, was offering tastes of.

Growing up I was never really a jelly or jam person but a peanut butter person. While I couldn’t have my PB&J without the J, I always had it with as little “J” as possible. (I tend to like “creamy” flavors as opposed to sweet.)

I was expecting a mouth full of sugar based on these previous experiences however I was treated to a lovely, lightly sweetened, close-to-the-real-fruit taste.

The cost of one 8 oz. jar of these farmer’s market preserves: $8!!! Not in my budget.

Scoping out Fairway (one of my favorite markets for their selection but least favorite for customer service) I found these jars of organic fruit spread.

I tried the blueberry, loved it and thought it was so much like the farmer’s market preserves. It was lightly sweetened and organic to boot! It really did remind me of the preserves I’d tasted at the farmer’s market. These were less than $3 for a 10 oz. jar!

I returned to check for other flavors and in addition to the blueberry, they stocked both strawberry and raspberry. I bought the raspberry.

My son, Sean, loves cheesecake with strawberries (Junior’s cheesecake to be exact) and his birthday was coming in fast. I had just seen the cheesecake episode of Martha Stewart Bakes and thought these would be delicious, easy to make and could be topped or not, with the Fairway organic fruit spreads.

They were so creamy!

They really did melt in our mouths. Really — no chewing necessary.
My son enjoyed them and so did the rest of the crew!

Mini Cheesecakes (From Martha Stewart Bakes)
Here’s the creamy batter…

Put the creamy batter into a pastry bag for mess-free baking…

See how neat…

Then top with sweetened sour cream…


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