Lush, Green Kale

It looks like a forest or like Central Park right now!
So green and so lush! What is it?
It’s kale.

Spinach Kale Lasagna

Since eating healthier I am discovering new foods and cooking methods.  I have found kale to be a wonderfully flavorful, versatile and nutritious vegetable.  Gary Null uses it in just about all of his green juices and I’ve been blanching it and mixing it in the green smoothies I prepare at home (recipe and demo, soon to come).  I also will take some and sauté it in my onion, garlic and olive oil mixture and have it as a side.  It is really good — really.

One of my favorite things to do is visit supermarkets.  I’m always looking for something new, clean and fresh!   I was hoping that the newest market in my neighborhood, Westside Market, would offer some of what I was looking for.  I’ve shopped at their other locations and never really went “GA GA” over them but still, a new grocery store nearby — my heart is a flutter…

The size is pretty large and they have numerous specialty counters such as coffee, deli and cheeses.  But what struck me were the numerous quantities of prepared pre-packaged food items.  Were they intending to feed the entire upper west side?  That stuff can’t stay fresh more than two days in the store then perhaps another day at home.  And the prices they charge, I would think the items would be cooked and sold the same day!

At the prepared food-to-order counter a spinach lasagna was displayed and it was reminding me to make it.  When was I going to make this dish?  I’ve been wanting to try it every time I see it at the deli counter.  I realized it can’t possibly be difficult to make nor would it be as flavorful as I would make it.

Ingredient family.  Look how happy they are to be together!

I used a box of frozen Birds Eye chopped spinach and sautéed it with the kale in lots and lots of garlic and onion.  See the chopped onion and garlic here…

Mmmmmm…  Fresh, skim mozzarella!

Spinach kale lasagna layer no. 1:

Spinach kale lasagna layer no. 2:

Top layer:

The kale added some moisture and texture to the dish.

Very yummy with added nutritional benefits!

I’ll add some of my favorite mushrooms next time around — even better!


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