Adventures In Vegan Baking

First Vegan Treat: Carrot Muffins

vegan carrot vegan carrot2 vegan carrot3

I was recently offered a wonderful baking opportunity after bumping into a physical trainer / friend of mine.

She’s recently embraced a vegan life style and is very knowledgable about the food and health connection! She has a passion that she wants to share with the world and to do this, she’s decided to open a restaurant catered to healthy-living food. Only, she has no baker.

I’ve been wanting to experiment with healthier baking yet never really believed this was possible. Bumping into my friend gave me the push in the right direction.


I’ve been looking around the web, borrowing books from the library and chatting with vegan bakers and Whole Foods customers…

I cam across some wonderful websites centered around vegan baking, one is which offers beautiful photos and really helpful advice for newbies like me.

My first attempt and I vow to attempt many more, is a carrot muffin.

The result was a super moist, melt-in-your-mouth baked treat that was really satisfying.

Stop by here soon for more of my vegan baking results.

vegan carrot muffin

Find the recipe at


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