Taking A Brake From Cake!

Okay, I was fully conscious and aware.  I knew what I was doing when I was doing it only I was having so much darn fun!!!

I’ve been baking and baking and baking.  Cookies, scones, cupcakes and crostatas…  Something’s gotta give.  Not my size 14’s — not enough elastic!

Why do I forget where these delicious flavors end up?  They taste so yummy on the tongue, if only that’s where they remained…

Spring is in the air and one whif tells me that it’s time to spring into weight management!

In the past I’ve relied on high-protein and low-carbs but since I have not been eating much meat these days, I may have to re-think this.  How ‘bout a glass of wine and a pot full of veggies a day, will that work?  If I include a French baguette, maybe…

In my dreams.

Keep the veggies and nix the wine and bread, that usually does it.


And look at all these beautiful fruits that are currently available.  All photos taken by yours truly.

Green Apple




So this March 10th, spring ahead, Daylight Savings, I have committed to lose 12 pounds by my birthday!  I will do it!  And I’m reaching out for your support!  Please tell me how your food maintenance and exercise plans are progressing.  Let me know any tricks that are working for you.  I really wanna know!

I’ll get back to you all in a couple of weeks.


Need your support!  Please write, Like or Tweet me!  Thanks!!!


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