Lloyd’s Famous Carrot Cake


Finally made my pilgrimage to this renowned bakery specializing in one of my all-time favorite flavors — carrot cake!

Nice adventure! It is directly across from Van Cortlandt Park where you can use the running track to work off the calories! How convenient!

VC Park Bronx 2

VC Park Bronx

This place was quite a surprise as I was expecting a much larger space. I envisioned a large clean store front with freshly baked carrot cakes showcased out front and large baking facilities out back.
I was stunned to realize the base quarters of this wonderful confection were quite modest.
The baking goes on right before the customer’s eyes.

Lloyd's Bakery 2

Carrot Cake

Huge bags of flour and sugar are piled up along a wall in the front of the shop revealing their storage limitations.

Lloyd's Flour Sugar

The wonderful aromas of cinnamon and raisin embrace those fortunate to enter this establishment. It was so small that I’m certain lines must form outside and along the block. Busy workers are seen measuring and weighing ingredients going into the cakes. Cake pans of various sizes are piled up on whatever surface space is available.

Lloyd's Cake pans

And the carrot cake, well the carrot cake was a delight!

This was a momentous event — finally tasting Lloyd’s famous carrot cake. And it did not disappoint!

Carrot cake 2

Plump, sweet raisins and large clumps of walnuts in every bite!

I was expecting a more traditional, cream-cheesy flavored frosting yet was given more of a “sugary” tasting frosting.

For $12 you get a delicious 6”, double-layered cake and if you want a slice — $3!

Lloyd's Small $12

I got a slice of a cake that was baked that morning!

Ahhhhh, freshness, that’s what I don’t mind paying for at all!!!!

The dedicated workers have baked for Lloyd’s for a combined 21 years! They graciously allowed me in to photograph them as they baked this flavorful dessert for so many loyal customers.

An impressive and inspiring visit to Lloyd’s Carrot Cake!


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