Small Boulders Have Mountains of Flavor

Tahini Chocolate Chip Nuggets

Tahini Chcoc Chip Nuggets

Tahini Chcoc Chip Nuggets

Tahini Chcoc Chip Nuggets

I tried this recipe because it offered the opportunity to use tahini.  I often make my own hummus (hummus, mmmmm, good…) which traditionally requires tahini however I always omit it (never missed it either, although how would I know…).

What is tahini?  Tahini is a blend of toasted sesame seeds and olive oil.  Once the sesame seeds are toasted their flavor is altered and is quite potent.  I added the freshly toasted sesame seeds to my food processor then began adding small amounts of olive oil to smooth it out.  This is definitely an ingredient worth adding to my future hummus recipes and a little goes a long way, too.  I’m so glad I didn’t purchase that $7 container of tahini from Whole Foods!  Now I can make only what I need.

This cookie/biscuit recipe calls for ½ cup of toasted sesame seeds and 2 tablespoons of tahini which give it a nice balance alongside the complex dark chocolate.  Most of the ingredients are slightly healthier than a typical cookie and I always opt for organic/free range wherever I can.

Here’s the recipe which was adapted from the Whole Foods recipe, Mini Chocolate Chip Sesame Cookies.

Tahini Chocolate Chip Nuggets

1 C light brown sugar
1 stick unsalted butter
2 T tahini (homemade, see recipe below)
1 egg – free range
2 t vanilla – organic
1 C whole wheat flour – organic
1 C white flour – organic
1 t baking soda
½ t sea salt
¾ C miniature dark chocolate chips
½ C toasted sesame seeds

Process:  cream butter, tahini, and sugar; add egg and vanilla and mix well.  In a separate bowl combine flour, baking soda and salt then add this to the creamed mixture; add chocolate chips and sesame seeds; press together and form a “cookie log” and wrap in plastic; refrigerate for a few hours.  Slice log long side in half and slice the half in half again then cut those halves into 2” slices and bake.  These do not expand much.  Bake at 325 F for about 10-12 minutes.

Homemade Tahini
1 C sesame seeds
3 T olive oil
Toast sesame seeds in a dry cast iron pan for about 10 minutes.  Let them cool then add to a food processor and slowly add olive oil to your desired smoothness.
Tahini Chcoc Chip Nuggets

Tahini Chcoc Chip Nuggets

Really good with AM or PM coffee.


4 Comments on “Small Boulders Have Mountains of Flavor”

  1. pam says:

    they look good! how did they taste? good with coffee! hope you make them when I come to NYC or when you visit me in Atlanta!

  2. Patricia says:

    Hi Donna, do the sesame seeds add a salty taste at all. You, does it give it that combined sweet and salty taste.

    • Donna Joseph says:

      Hi Pat! No salt in these sesame seeds and when they are toasted it heightens and alters the flavor of the seeds. These cookies are great for dunking and remind me of biscotti. They are not too sugary!
      Thanks for the comment!

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