Tribeca Billy’s Bakery

Billy's Tribeca

Finally made it down to Billy’s Bakery.

They have grown into three locations, I visited the Franklin Street location.  I planned to stop by while in Soho so I had the address and directions yet I believe I passed it a number of times while looking for it.  When I finally found it, I realized that I must have walked by this location in the past since I once worked on Franklin Street.  I’ve also driven down this block on my way to Brooklyn.

Billy's Tribeca

The shop itself is quaint.   They’re prepared for the upcoming Mother’s Day celebration this Sunday.

The window sign was worn away, not sure what would cause this perhaps the warmth from the kitchen baking which seems to be done on premises.  It was a pretty spacious kitchen and I watched a few young people mixing batter and frosting cakes.  And they were all young!  I wondered if they were interns.   Free labor?

Billy's Tribeca

When I walked in I was expecting to be greeted with a just-baked-cake aroma however I was not.  The aroma was one of an aging building that lacked proper circulation.  They serve coffee as well yet none was brewing that my nose could detect!

They had a few varieties of cupcakes, banana and cream cheese frosting, carrot and cream cheese frosting, red velvet and cream cheese frosting – I don’t think I saw a cupcake, other than chocolate, that was not frosted in cream cheese frosting.

When I hear about a food and how people rave about this or that, I am so curious to find out what the fuss is all about.  I am so happy I made it to Billy’s.  While the cupcake I tried was indeed moist and flavorful, the frosting was unbelievably sugary.  I tried the banana cupcake with cream cheese frosting.  And I KNOW I can make a better-tasting cupcake!

Billy's Tribeca

I’ve heard these cupcakes described as the Donald Trump of cupcakes and can in no way be compared to Crumbs cupcakes.  Perhaps I need to taste a couple more or perhaps I need to stop by on a busier day when the turnover is greater.

Billy's Tribeca


Maybe I will give them another try, their cupcakes are normal sized and their priced well — $3 per.


2 Comments on “Tribeca Billy’s Bakery”

  1. pam says:

    how was the banana and crème cheese?

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