Cooking in Season and Staying Within Reason

Seasonal Produce

I am finally feeling a bit more focused which always helps me to keep my nutrition a priority.  I know that vegetables and fruits — the greener the better, the darker the berry, etc., — will be my path to improved nutrition but this time a better fruit and vegetable plate is in demand.  I will look for only organically grown and locally farmed fruits and vegetables.  And to help me I found some wonderful links that beautifully and graphically chart what fruits and vegetables are available during what time of year making them the freshest, easiest to find, least expensive and oh so flavorful!

The 4 seasons:  Martha Stewart’s Seasonal Produce and Recipe Guide

Fruit & Vegetable, A-Z seasonal listing.

A-Z grid chart of what’s in season when (click here)

A-Z harvested or from storage (the produce you eat off-season is most often frozen for freshness)  (click here)

And for your smart phone, some apps which keep you abreast of what’s available when are reviewed here.

Seasonal Produce

Purchasing and cooking with seasonal produce has the following benefits:

  1. More flavorful dishes
  2. Less money spent on when they are easier to find
  3. Freshness since they are locally grown, they are on your plate soon after harvesting
  4. They keep fresh in your refrigerator longer (just in case you haven’t located a good recipe to use them in)
  5. Less time spent on traveling from farm to store

A colleague recently gave me a sampling of veggies that she and her husband grow in their backyard right here in Queens New York!  The tomatoes and basil were so flavorful and fresh, I still have basil left from the package she gave me two weeks ago!

Perhaps that’s the way to go – buy land to grow your own produce, pick it fresh right before cooking – save time, money and help to improve the environment as well as your own health!

New York City has everything anyone could ever want for…

Soon to come, my very own fig cookie bars!  Figs are blossoming and getting ready for cooking, so stay tuned.




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