SnowDough Day: Visit To The Doughnut Plant

Thursday, March 5th – SnowDough Day
Hard to believe this was just five days ago in NYC…


It was a black & white day this snowy Thursday I ventured down to the lower east side to finally make my pilgrimage to the Doughnut Plant.


I had a few appointments that forced my out so when in Rome…

This much snow just astounded me as I made my way through it.  I didn’t gripe just easily accepted it because what else could I do?  As I carefully walked across Grand Street I noticed the snowfall did not stop others from venturing out.  So not only did I have to walk slowly to keep from falling down I also had to try to keep from bumping into people who were out and about as the heavy snowfall obscured our vision.  A woman plopped down right at my feet and as I helped her up she tried to warn me not to walk where she did so I wouldn’t fall.  Nice!


These images in the snow were taken with frozen fingers but it was years since I’d been making plans to come down here and I wasn’t leaving without proof.


I had such a pleasant time here at the Doughnut Plant on Grand Street.  Not only are the delicious doughnuts, prepared with mostly organic and local ingredients reason to come by but the atmosphere is so cheerful and pleasant.

DoughPlant DoughPlant

Look at all the unique flavors (fingers still frozen and glasses fogged).

DoughPlant DoughPlant

I ordered their lemon poppy-seed yeast doughnut and a regular coffee.  I got my coffee but no doughnut and wondered if they were frying one up as I waited.  After drinking half of my coffee I finally inquired and the counter person was surprised and immediately presented me with not only my lemon poppy-seed but a chocolate doughnut too.  He said this one’s for you as a courtesy.  Okay, I’m not one to turn down a doughnut (ever) but being that it was chocolate (and I need to track my calories as well ;-)), I graciously refused.  However he wrapped up one of the Plant’s most popular flavors, Dulce de Leche, and offered it to me which I did accept.  Nice!

Of course I had to take just one more home with me for later because they had so many flavors to choose from and when would I get over here again, right?

I took home their coconut, cream-filled doughnut.  I can’t say which of the three I’ve tried I liked best; honestly they were all so memorable.

If you need a place to meet up for coffee during the week (I hear weekends this place is packed), make it the Doughnut Plant on Grand Street.  It’s my new favorite place.



One Comment on “SnowDough Day: Visit To The Doughnut Plant”

  1. Pam Cook says:

    ohhhhhhh yeah some good food on dreary cold but wonderful days!!!!!!

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