Take the Cake

Light Ingredients

Take the Cake

All of the month of July, I did close to no baking.  My intentions every summer are to eat fresh, whole fruits and vegetables, nix the flour and sugar to feel lighter and perhaps also lose a few pounds.

This is the plan every year and it was something I proudly achieved every summer as it is my favorite time of year where the days are longer and warmer bringing me out-of-doors more often and the selection of whole foods is plentiful.

It all fits.  Wonderful universe!

These are some of the foods I had in mind and I can create a number of delicious recipes using them in addition to many other whole foods and herbs that are available now.

What recipes can you come up with using what’s pictured here?

The banana:  Adds creaminess without the fat:  yogurt smoothie, kale/spinach smoothie, banana bread.

Spinach – Excellent fiber source that is like a broom in your digestive tract:  sautéed spinach with olive oil and garlic, green smoothie.

Mejool dates – Caramel-like rich flavor:  oat scones with almonds (recipe Mejool Oat Scones).

Tomato – Creamy, tart, spicy or not:  cool gazpacho (recipe and images coming soon), sliced in a salad or, my favorite, on toast with mayonnaise.

The pretty bright red strawberry – Sweet and tart:  add to fruit and vegetable smoothies, add to a salad.

Oranges – Vitamin C go-to:  add to salads, smoothies or have it raw.

Raisins – Convenient snack:  add to bran muffins, create a unique trail mix, or eat straight from the box.

Herbs – What makes the dish:  add your unique combination to small red potatoes, zucchini, or a combination of veggies, toss with olive oil and roast in the oven.

Green tea – Soothing hot, refreshing cold:  excellent anti-oxidant and after-dinner soother, add fresh ginger and a bit of honey for a little something extra.

Even as the days of summer wind down, I plan to continue to bring more fruits, vegetables and herbs into my diet.  I plan to scope out any I have yet to try.  Maybe a “whole foods to try” bucket list.

Here’s to summer light eating!

Light Ingredients


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