Straw Into Gold: Using What You Got

Seafood Pasta Sauce with Pecorino Romano

Seafood Pasta Sauce

Happy to find a use for this cute dove dish!

Sometimes you just don’t want a tomato-based sauce…

I’ve had some of the best-tasting cream sauces in restaurants, always shoot for dishes I don’t (or can’t) cook at home.  I thought it was about time to attempt my own.  Did my routine investigation and found some decent recipes (highly rated, too).  They all had many similar elements one of which was using butter (or another oil) and flour to thicken as in a roux.  This sauce is called a béchamel sauce and is used as a base for many cream sauces.

Another typical thing I do when interpreting recipes is I try to find ingredients that will add as much flavor as possible.  It’s mandatory that every bite have flavor, or why else bother to eat?!

I used a seafood flavor base since I would be serving the lobster ravioli I picked up from Jordan’s Lobster Farm.  I also wanted to add additional flavor to the roasted basil tomatoes I made two days prior that I nibbled on but didn’t use in a dish.

So many happy flavors melding together made this a very satisfying pasta dinner!  I was also able to use my friend’s fresh-picked basil for even more flavor!

Just a side note, I added a small, peeled, fresh peach to the sauce as an experiment.  It gave it an additional layer of creaminess and fresh flavor!

Oh, how I love the flavors of the season!!!

Seafood Pasta Sauce

Roasted tomatoes and fresh basil (from Maria’s garden), Pecorino Romano, a peach and garlic — minced.

Seafood Pasta Sauce

Onions, red pepper flakes, olive oil and heat.

Chunky before...

Chunky before…

Smooth after.

Smooth after.

Seafood Pasta Sauce

Seafood Pasta Sauce

Lobster ravioli with my seafood pasta sauce!

Seafood Pasta Sauce with Pecorino Romano

Yield = 3 Cups

1 onion
½ t red pepper flakes
2 T olive oil
2 T butter
4 garlic cloves – minced
1 T flour
1 ½ C clam juice
1 small peach – peeled and cut
1 C milk
½-3/4 C Pecorino Romano

Process:  Sauté onion and red pepper flakes in olive oil until onion softens (about 5 minutes); add butter and garlic and cook until fragrant; add flour stirring frequently; add small amount of clam juice, stir then remove from heat; add the peach and process until smooth and creamy; add milk and remaining clam juice to pot and heat to boiling; if whey comes to the surface, strain this before combining with the onion/garlic mixture; add the onion/garlic mixture and heat to thicken; add Pecorino Romano and continue to cook for about 10 minutes stirring often. Remove from heat and add to pasta.

Seafood Pasta Sauce

Enjoy this sauce.  It’s easy to make and so delicious!


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