Stop Cooking, When?

I have so much food, some of which I can’t freeze. I truly am unable to STOP cooking!

Yesterday I made chicken stock to add to my pink bean and pork loin “stew” and decided to add the chicken meat from that stock to the stew. Just follow my Black Beans recipe.  So there’s that.

I also made a salmon salad with savoy cabbage and a dressing for that salad seasoned with olives and jalapenos.

Salmon and Cabbage Salad

And to continue to replenish my cells while my knee heals, plenty of blanched kale for green smoothies and savory sauteed kale

Sauteed Kale with Onion Garlic & Sunflower Seeds

in addition to the bounty of seasonal fruits that I just cannot pass up!

Here’s the recipe for the salmon and cabbage salad.

Salmon and Cabbage Salad with Olive & Jalapeno Dressing

1 can Bumble Bee Pink Salmon, drained (or fresh salmon, cooked)
1 C savoy cabbage, rinsed and dried
3 boiled egg whites (or whole egg)

Dressing Ingredients
1/2 C Greek yogurt, plain
1/4 C mayonnaise
1/4 C horseradish sauce
8-10 green olives
1/4 C red onion
1 whole, fresh jalapenos
2 T balsamic vinegar

Process:  in a large bowl, add the salmon, cabbage and eggs; process on “pulse” the dressing ingredients until minced (or creamy, if that is your preference); add the dressing to the salmon and combine.

Crunchy and fresh-tasting!  Serve with romaine lettuce and tomatoes sprinkled with dried basil. Mmmmm, fresh!



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